Step Dad

As we drove home today from school, Julia announced this out of nowhere:
"I have a stepdad."

Me:  Are you talking about your dad?

Julia:  No I'm talking about my stepdad.

Me:  You don't have a stepdad.  You have a dad.  You are talking about Jeremy, your dad?

Julia:  No he's my stepdad.  He's mean to us most of the time.

Me:  Honey, he's not your stepdad.  If I chose to not be married to your daddy and then married someone else, that person would be your stepdad.

Riley:  Or if Mom died, then Dad would be by himself.

Me:  And then he might remarry someone else and you'd have a step mom.

Julia:  No.  I will not have a step mom.  They will make me do chores, bring over two mean stepsisters and treat me terrible.

Me:  Not all stepmothers are like in Cinderella.  They're not all mean.

Julia:  Yes they are.


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