First Soccer Games

Today was momentous as both girls had their first soccer games.  Julia woke me up and said "Mom, it's time to get up!  My soccer game is today.  We need to ask Siri where it is."

Julia was eager to get going, but tired.  We'd spent the night before out later than usual at the GSPO Annual BBQ.  It was such a great night with our school community, but made for an early morning.  I got her dressed as she laid on the ground face first.  She did fantastic with her shin guards, firework socks and cool silver cleats.

Once we were at the field, Julia was nervous and kept her hand in her mouth for a bit.  She cried when I took her to her team as they practiced on the field.  Her coach, Mr. Starr, was incredibly patient and helpful.  He carried her while they said the sportsmanship pledge and she held his hand while she was a player on the field.  She did break away a bit and go after the ball, but was quite reserved.  All of this was completely fine!  The other moms told me that their kids were also shy about going out, but that they got comfortable with it and after a game or two, they knew what to expect.

I think her favorite part of the game was when she wasn't on the field and she and I kicked her ball back and forth in the field next to the game.  Another mom and her daughter did the same.  Just to get them comfortable with it.  She told me she didn't want to play on the field because it was harder and that she really loved just kicking the ball with me.  Though she did go back out and kept with it.  Even her teacher, Mrs. Powell, came to watch her play.  Which was incredibly sweet.

Julia was happy after the game and we were so proud of her.  We went home for a few hours before going to Riley's soccer game.

Riley was afraid she'd make a mistake.  We told her that it's okay if she did and that the only mistake she could truly make was scoring in the other team's goal... which even professional players have done in the past.  We told her to have fun, do her best and enjoy it.  She was a little nervous at first and stayed back a bit.  She's such a sweet soul that she didn't get in where all the action was when there was a group of girls going for the ball.

When she wasn't playing and was on the side lines, she drank her water a lot and seemed to enjoy playing with the other players.  At one point she spent quite some time kicking dirt. :)

After the game ended, she ran over while kicking her ball across the field.  Dang - this girl can run!!  She is very fast.

We were so proud of her after her first game.  My parents took her to their house for a sleepover where I'm sure they're sewing something and watching the Hobbit.

Both girls did such a great job!  Can't wait to see them play again next week. :)


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