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I am loving every single moment at GSES.  What an incredible blessing the school and community has been.  And I'm blessed to be a part of it.

My students have blown me away with their ability to improvise, sing, drum, play recorder, and barred pieces.  Their musicianship is delightful and amazing.  I am striving to challenge them and incorporate new ideas to help them continue to grow as musicians.  This article was published recently.  It really caught my eye.

The session will be presented at the NAfME National Conference in October. My eighth grade students stated that their two topics of interest are technology and video games.  They have had thorough Orff experiences at GSES and I have begun to wonder:

Could the Orff Schulwerk work as a means to improvise, create, and notate music for a computer game that students create?  Or a game that others have created - and we add the music to it?

Could we use our SPARQ lab to access technology that would allow students to create their own video game?  And then use music class to compose and use Orff processes to develop music for the game?

**Note:  free site to make a game - Sploder or UCLA Game Lab

Could students test their product on a specific grade level at GSES and receive feedback on the musical aspects that students noticed?

Could students learn about the history of musical styles and genres and allow it influence their compositions in a way that they could explain what parts of the past inspired them to write?

There is also an online course about Teaching Music in the Cloud.  Would this be a good tool for students to compose in the classroom?  How would it work?  What would it let students do?

Other interesting aspects:  - Free for up to 10 scores - making music online

For middle school:

Match my sound: Practice First


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