Julia's First Tooth Falls Out

Last week Julia showed us how loose her bottom tooth was.  We were all excited because we knew the tooth fairy would be coming soon!

On Thursday this week, I went to eat lunch with her.  There weren't enough seats so Julia sat on my lap while we ate.  Not a few minutes after getting there, she said "My tooth just fell out!"  I asked her where it was and she said it was on her skirt.  She found it and held it up.  It was SO little.

We then took a trip to the nurse's office where she was given a tooth holder necklace.  She wore it proudly the rest of the day.

When we got home, she found a 'safe' place to put her tooth so the tooth fairy could find it: her Rosetta doll had it resting in her hand next to a note that Riley sweetly wrote to the fairy. Riley was incredibly sweet and kept saying things like "I'm so happy for you Julia!" and "You're first tooth!"

The next morning Julia found a gold $1 coin with a note from her tooth fairy name Violet (Vi is what she's called).  We read her the note and she said she was going to put the coin in her piggy bank which she did.


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