Theresa Turns 50

Our old neighbors, the Simonsens, were such an incredible couple to live next door to for the three years we were in Stewarts Peninsula.  We have lots of fun memories from when we were first married and living next to them.  Sam, their son, was only five and threw little acorn-like things at us while we did yard work.  Theresa came out and called out to him to stop it.  (Though we were just as mature and throwing them back)

This past weekend Theresa turned 50.  She still looks incredibly young and hip.  Always will.  John invited us to celebrate her at a surprise party at Maggiano's.  There were about 35-40 people in the room ranging from coworkers to friends to church family.  We sat with the Klimeks, Ron and Lori. Each person had been asked to say something special about Theresa if they felt compelled.

Lori started off telling the story of how Theresa first met Lori.  Lori was on her trampoline in the backyard and kept jumping to see Sam who was in his backyard across from them.  Theresa told people that Lori was too perky... and some other things.  Then she found out that Lori would be Sam's kindergarten teacher and the friendship was sealed.  Both are great people.

Others shared and then came Jeremy's turn.  He talked about how Theresa would tell Sam that he shouldn't pick his nose because people would call him a booger-pickin'-moron.  He also shared how she would always tell us that she just loves us so much because we wouldn't get offended when they told us to leave.  Because we just lived next door and they could say "You need to go home" and we were never offended.  So true.

People continued to share and then Lori shared something like "And here's to a shirtless John Simonsen ten years ago mowing his lawn."  To which I added "And ours!"  Because he really did mow our lawn.  I shared that I figured he did it because we were newly married and didn't know how to take care of yards so he got tired of our yard looking terrible.

Since I was standing up I figured I could be brave enough to say something.  I began by saying "Our first year of marriage was terrible.  It was awful."  To which everyone in the room began laughing really hard.  I was actually quite serious about it so I said "It really was!"  Then the guy at the table next to me said something about at least I got to look at John mowing our lawn with his shirt off.  I replied "Well, I don't really remember that."  He laughed and said he doubted that.  The room was laughing loudly.  John said "Ok Jess - go ahead" since we had to wait for the laughter to die down.

I brought it back around but was totally flustered in my speech.  What I meant to say was that as a newly married couple who struggled through our first year of marriage, it was such a blessing to have John and Theresa so close to help us fight for our marriage.  That they were such key players in helping us make it.  Instead I think I said something about how they fought for their marriage in the hard times and were an inspiration to us.  Same thing, but at that point, I think I lost all manner of clarity of speech.  Note:  I had nothing to drink but water.

I sat down and Theresa blew me a kiss.  Forgetting I had a full glass of water in my hand, I went to blow her a kiss and ended up spilling the entire thing all over myself.  My pants were soaked, my shirt, my sweater sleeve was soaked.

I started laughing so hard in shock.  People were looking at me.  So I tried to explain what I did and squeaked out "I just spilled my water trying to blow her a kiss."  It came out a hot mess and completely unintelligible.  I saw my friend Kathy turn to her friend and say "What did she say?" so I attempted to say it again and same thing happened - totally high pitched cracking.  Embarrassing.

John then says something about that's why they love me because I just say what's on my mind at the time.  I felt like the booger-pickin'-moron of the group.

Sat through the rest of the night in wet jeans and shirt.  Had a total blast.


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