Candlelight Breakfasts

Our girls love candlelight meals.  This morning Julia asked if we could get out all of our candles (we have a favorite set that we bring out for meals) and have a candlelit breakfast.  I agreed so we set about putting 10 candles out, gathered our breakfasts and sat down to bask in the glow of the light on this rainy morning.  (Speaking of which - WHERE is the SUN??!!  It's spring break in Texas and every day the weather app has shown sun only to replace it with rain and clouds whenever the morning came around)

Riley came down in a terrible mood.  She told me that she was going to have a terrible day because she was so exhausted, needed to be left alone and wished she could have slept longer.  She began to cry over her four plain eggos with peanut butter and syrup.  I put the peanut butter on them but told her I would only risk my life one time each morning to do it as I have a severe reaction to nuts.  In other words, once the peanut butter was away, I refused to get it back out because it required cleaning the counters, washing my hands and safely not touching it while applying it to the eggos.

Julia had the breakfast of champions: a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  Have you eaten these in a while?  It's sugar-coated sugar pieces.  Practically candy.  Me?  I had four pieces of wheat toast with honey on it.  My everyday go-to breakfast.

With Riley claiming she would be in a foul mood all day and Julia purposely taunting her, the morning was off to a typical end-of-spring-break mode.  The girls began to discuss which candles they liked the best and which ones they wanted to blow out.  Riley claimed five on the right side. Julia claimed that she wanted specific sized candles.  The argument began over who owned what candle and who could blow out the tall one, the short one, the big house, the tiny tree.

I didn't care who blew them out!  I just wanted them to stop yelling at each other over candles.

I asked if they wanted me to blow them all out to which they both cried out "NOO!"  I told them that we needed to settle the matter and be willing to work as a team.  It was incredibly tempting to just blow them out, but then they wouldn't have learned anything.  Sure, they would've stopped yelling and then would have cried and been mad that I blew them out.  But they wouldn't have resolved their frustration, their selfish desires, their inability to work together.  So we talked and worked out a solution.  The girls then took turns blowing out candles one at a time.  Then went to play barbies together upstairs.


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