Julia Turns Five

Julia is loving being five years old.  She had an Elsa and Anna birthday party here at the house last Saturday with five friends from school.  The girls played upstairs, created 'snowmen' out of marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzels and Julia opened presents.  The girls and I made a cake for the party.  However, the kids were so full from the 'snowmen' that they really didn't eat any cake until the end of the party.

She was given such thoughtful gifts: a barbie car, barbie, mermaid outfit, Frozen towel and other fun things to do.  It was really cute to see her playing with her friends and having such a great time.

We started to give her five chicken fingers at dinner now and she asked why she is eating five of them now.  Our reasoning:  because you're five.  She's buying that and eating more.  :)  We'll see how long that keeps up.

She's counting the months until she's out of daycare and can start kindergarten!  It will be such a great year.


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