Scarlet Fever

On Sunday Riley began running a fever over 101.  We figured it was a virus as she had no other symptoms.  We had Monday off school and then Tuesday.  On Tuesday she threw up her medicine and hadn't eaten anything since Sunday morning so she was feeling pretty puny.  Yesterday her fever was gone, but hadn't had anything to eat so I didn't want to send her to school until we knew that food would stay.

After lunch, I was looking at her face and saw pinkish red spots appearing.  I asked her if I could see her belly and back.  She was covered in spots everywhere.  It looked like chicken pox to me so I called the doctor.  We were able to take her in at 4:30pm.

The doctor tested her for strep despite the fact that she said her throat didn't hurt.  Sure enough - she has strep.  He said there was a strong red line showing it was positive.  She's still contagious so we're home again today.  He said that the rash is due to the strep and will go away as she takes medicine.

It turns out that strep and a rash equals scarlet fever.  She woke up this morning with the rash looking much worse.  She's tired of me asking to look at her and taking pics.  I explained that the pics help me see if there's improvement or not.  I did the same thing with Julia when she had the giant hives.

At this point, we're just watching and making sure the rash goes away.  Riley's such a trooper and hanging in there.


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