A True Sweet Love Story

The past few days have been bittersweet.  My Grandpa Mo passed away on Tuesday, March 3 at 5:30am.  He had stopped eating last week on Tuesday and it was almost a full week of no food.  He was on morphine which they were giving to him every hour to help his breathing and keep him comfortable.

My Grandma Dosh was truly heartbroken and went home a few hours after his death, laid on the couch and her heart stopped beating.  Her daughter called 911 and she was resuscitated.  They took her to a nearby hospital where her heart stopped a few more times.  She was hooked to a ventilator.  Her heart stopped beating for the last time at 5:00am.  Almost exactly 24 hour after Grandpa.

I think it is incredibly sweet that they are together.  They aren't in pain.  There are no more radiation treatments.  No more hospital stays.

My mom told me the story of how after Grandpa passed away, they took Dosh to say goodbye to him. She was very frail and kept saying "John, what am I going to do without you?"  She kissed him and was very sweet with him.  My mom says she imagines my Grandpa in heaven, delighted to see her but asking "What are you doing here?"

Side notes:

Dosh and my Grandpa often teased each other.  My Grandpa wore a toupee for years.  When he went into hospice, he no longer wore it.  There was no need to - comfort was of the essence.  His hairpiece was placed in a drawer and Dosh told her daughter to go get it for fear that the nurses would think it was a hairy rat.  So her daughter brought it to their home.

I shared with Riley that Grandpa Mo had died.  She got teary eyed and gave me a big hug, but we talked about how he is no longer in pain and he is with Jesus.  I didn't get to see Julia that night because I had grad class.  Riley told me when I got home that she told Julia that he had died.  She said that Julia was crying over something in the bathroom so she thought it was a good time to tell her.  She simply said "Today Grandpa Mo died."  Then she explained to me that Julia just cried harder, but she'd already been crying so it was a good time to tell her.

The next day I shared with Riley that Grandma Dosh had died.  In the car on the way home from school, Riley turns to Julia and says, "Guess who died again today?"

Julia replied "Grandpa Mo?"

Riley says "No!  Grandma Dosh died today."

Julia then asks "Will her daughter die tomorrow?"

Riley then explained that she thought her daughter was only 58 or 54 and that she wouldn't die next.


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