Sick Girls are Still Great

Riley has bronchitis and an ear infection.  Julia has a double ear infection and sinus infection.  This is the week following pinkeye for Jules.  Thankful that Madi is healthy!!

My day was: drop Madi off, go to Walmart to get juice (as I knew they couldn't taste the water and wouldn't drink it without a little flavor), get home and do laundry, go to doctor, go back to Walmart for prescriptions, home to make lunch and put Jules down for nap and then snuggle with Riley, pick Madi up and back to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions that took two hours to get ready.  Walmart was the place to be.  The second time we went, Riley calls out all excited:  "Hey Mom!!  We've been here today!  We get to go here again!!!  Wow - we've already gone here and we get to go again!"  hahaha  Jules simply sat in the back going "birh!  Birh!!!!  Fy!  Fy!  Birh!!!!" (bird-bird-fly-fly-bird)  Gotta love the millions of birds at Walmart!

I loved every minute of being home with them.  They were sweet and kind and easy-going.  Well, except when Julia kept poking Riley in the belly button and laughing OR when she threw the bowl across the living room and dumped the cereal out and looked at me and said "no" before I even asked her to clean it up OR when she stole Riley's cereal out of the bowl.  Love her spunk.  Hoping to steer it in a different direction!

At the doctor office, the girls were good.  Julia loved the stool with wheels and kept wanting to push it.  When we left, Jules went up to the side cabinet and opened the door to peek in.  Then they started spinning in circles and going "woh... woh... woh" and bumped into each other, fell to the ground and giggled like crazy.  Jules kept trying to look over the counter to see the receptionist and waving her hand and saying "hi! Hi!  HI!  HI!  hi!" repeatedly.

They may be sick, but they are the happiest sick children you've ever met.  Have always been that way.


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