American Girl Dolls

Riley has now started being interested in American Girl Dolls.  The girls at school have them.  Madi has one.  And we just started getting the catalog.  She received two dolls at Christmas time that she claims are her American Girl Dolls.  At some point, she'll realize they are not.  For now, she absolutely loves them and there is no changing her mind on it.  Has been a battle we just aren't going to fight at the moment.

So after dinner tonight, Riley is playing with her dolls in the other room while we're in the kitchen.  Julia moves slowly around the corner and snatches one of the dolls while quickly turning her walk into a fast run.  She is also giggling the entire time as she is running.  Riley is trying her hardest to catch up to her while yelling "That's my special American!  That's my special American!  Give my American back Julia!!"

Finally she catches her and Julia bites her on the hand sending Jules into time out.  She will keep us busy for a long time, I do believe.


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