Apparently a very short nap at school results in a 10pm bedtime.  At least, every night so far this week.  Quite tiring not getting any down time and taking care of others nonstop.  Though I have to say that Riley has been so adorable and sweet which has made it easy to not get mad about it.

When we got home from school today, she walked up to her room, brought down her hamper and told me that I should do her laundry so that she can wear her pink dress on Friday (two days from now).  Then she got her backpack and put three journals, a unicorn, a pillow and a blanket for naptime.  Put it on the fireplace next to her clothes that are set out for tomorrow.  And did it all without asking.  Guess she'll be a planner like her Mommy...

Jules and Riley both have incredibly awful sounding coughs.  Praying they don't get worse.  Jules hardly ate anything at dinner and went to sleep early.  Riley ate a lot at dinner, but is having the hardest time going to sleep.  Thinking this year has the been the worst year for sickness that we have ever had.  And praying it begins to end sooner than later.


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