Help is hard to find.  Though recently, Riley has made our bed twice while we were getting ready in the bathroom.  Came out to find it made.  The second time she rearranged the pillows and said "I made it a different way!"

Tonight Jer went grocery shopping while I fed the girls, bathed Jules, set out everything for everyone for tomorrow and got them ready and in bed.  He got home around 7pm.  Jules was down and Madi was reading.  Riley was hungry some more so I got her some toast so I could start eating my dinner.  Jer walks in with tons of groceries.

As soon as we finished eating, Riley walks over to the bags and immediately starts to put the food away in the freezer and then finds more things to put in the pantry and fridge.  Stacks the soup cans.  And helped sooo much!  We were quite impressed and never asked her to help.  She just started doing it.

After it was done, we gave her a hug and said "thank you."  She just smiled and then said "Mom!  We get to read Cinderella tonight!!!"  She was so excited.

Found out she took a nap at school so she's still upstairs coloring and reading to wind down. And giving us time to finish up the day and do a load of laundry.  It seriously never ends.  Where do all these clothes/towels/things come from??!!


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