Prayer Requests

Tonight it was my turn to tuck Riley into bed.  She was still starving after dinner even though she ate most all of it, and had part of a cinnamon roll that G'pa and G'ma gave her!  Yum!!  We'd spent the afternoon at the park so she had been running a lot so I'm sure her body was just needing more food.

Three eggos later, she finally started to wind down for bed.  It's now 8:35pm and she is still wide awake.

We spent time reading a Winnie the Pooh book on her LeapPad that she got from Madi.  And read the Bible story - her request was the story about Saul and how he changed his name to Paul after God changed him.

Then we got talking about letters.  So we started creating letters out of our legs and arms and bodies.  We're just laying there creating letters for the longest time.  I asked if she knew how to make a "g" and she thought about it for a little bit.  Then she goes "I got it!  Here is an Upper Case G."  Sure enough - she had her legs bent into the shape of an upper case G.

We made a "W" with our legs together.  She asked me to stand up on the floor so she could show me something.  She told me to put her legs about and then goes "look!  It's a letter M."  And of course, again, it was.

Then we lay on the bed and played with letters some more.  And talked about the park and other fun things about the day.  I asked her if I could pray and then asked if there was anything she wanted me to pray for.  Her only request was twofold:

"...that Madison would never leave our house ever and that Madison would stop giving her mad looks because I was going to cry.  I didn't cry, but I was thinking I was going to cry.  I don't like when she gives me mean looks."

So I started to pray about her day and her sleep and at some point, Riley interrupted with:
Hey Mom!  Who was that guy that said "Yes Lord, I am listening!"  I told her it was Samuel and how he thought it was Eli calling, but it was God.  She goes "oh yeah!  Ok.  Can I pray when you are done?"  I answered that she could.  So I finished praying and told her it was her turn.

Here is what I remember of her prayer:

Dear Lord,
I never want Madison to leave us ever.  I want her to stay with us forever.  But I don't like her mean looks.  I really don't and I don't want her to do them.  But I want her here forever. And if ever she does leave, please keep her away from the slithering snakes.  And the ocean. I don't want her to get bit in the ocean by things.  And I don't want her to get hurt by the snakes either.  Tell her to stay far away from them.  They aren't nice.  And I don't want her to get hurt.  Warn her about them if she goes to them so she will see them.  And make her stop the mean looks.
Thank you Lord.  Amen.

Me:  Riley that was such a sweet prayer!
Riley:  Stop talking Mom.  I'm listening to God.  And I can't hear Him when you are talking.  (whispers out loud "Yes Lord.  I am listening" while keeping her eyes closed and turning away from me.  Then she waits in silence for a few seconds and says "Yes Lord.  Yes."
Riley:  Thanks Mom.  He heard me!!
Me:  Of course He did.  God always hears you.
Riley:  I told Him I was listening and He told me that He hears me.

I am totally speechless and thankful.


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