Julia loves babies.  All babies.  In the grocery store, we were standing one checkout counter away from a baby and she said the word probably a million times very loudly and more excitedly every time "baby!  Baby!  Baaaa-by!!!  Baaaa-byyyyyy!  Baby-baby!  Mommy - baby!"  The parents just smiled and then started laughing as she kept repeating it.

At church, she runs up to baby car seats that are on the floor and peeks in to say "Baby!!!"  And gets all excited.

Tonight when I put her to bed, she brought over the book about the first Christmas and on the cover is Baby Jesus.  "Baby!"  She says it for every page of the book even if she can't find the baby.

Then she cuddled into my shoulder and gave a sweet wave to her massively oversized doggy on her dresser:  Nigh-nigh Doggy!  Where Rih-eee?  Nigh??  Where Rih-ee?  Nigh-nigh!!  Nigh-nigh Doggy!!!

Put her to bed and said yells "NIGH_NIGH!!!!"  And giggles.  So cute.


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