Our little four year old girl is growing so much!  She is developing great handwriting skills, knows her days of the week - including what day is tomorrow and what day was yesterday, months of the year, continents, and planets.  Not just pure facts, but knowledge about each aspect of them.

She is getting such great time with little friends and developing friendships with such a diverse group of little people.  Her teachers are amazing.  She's sad when they are sick and asks us to pray for them so they can teach again.  She realized that she is important to the students and teachers last week when we dropped off Julia so that she could stay home and paint with Madi, Jer and I.  We walked past her room and every child ran to the door and yelled "Riley!!!"  She was beaming.  The teachers stopped the lesson - as none of the children were sitting and listening anyway - and came to the door to tell her they would miss her today, but that they hoped she had fun at home.  Riley was proud to tell them "Hey guess what?!  I just learned how to spell cat today!  C-A-T!" (Thank you iPod game!)  The kids all waved goodbye, gave hugs and the teachers smiled and hugged her as well.  As we left, a few kids walked into the hall briefly again just to wave goodbye.  She is so loved!

A few days later she said "I hope I don't have to miss school.  The other kids will miss me if I'm gone!"  Glad to know she feels valued and loved.  And she loves her friends so much.  Told me today how much she loves Parker and how funny another friend was.  Genuinely cares for them.

She is also learning things such as "I'm not going to be your friend anymore."  This starts way too young, but is giving us opportunities to talk about friendship and how to be a good friend.  When asked to wait a minute (turned out to be more than five minutes) before I could come see her drawing, she said "You're not my mom anymore.  I don't want to be your friend."  Ah, yes.  So it starts.  Lots of teaching moments for sure.


  1. Awww, I'm so glad she's having such a good year in preschool! I'd love to be a fly on the wall in her classroom - and Jules'! I think I need to go peek in their windows soon. :)


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