Could she be any sweeter?!

Today was one of those days.  Jeremy is very under the weather and was sent home sick before lunchtime.  When I picked up the girls, Julia has a black eye that is swollen because she tripped over a toy and hit her eye on the toy bin at daycare.  Never even cried!  Riley has a raised and bruised bump on her left forehead because a kid pushed her on the playground and she hit her head on a metal pole.

I let the girls know that Jeremy wasn't feeling well and that we'd need to be considerate of him when we got home.

Jeremy was laying on the couch when we walked in.  I told him what happened with the girls, but that they're both fine.  Riley ran to go near him and I asked if she could stay back a little from Jeremy since he was sick.

Riley:  I'm sad, Dad.

Jer:  Why are you sad?  Because Jules has a black eye?

Riley:  No.

Jer:  Because you hit your head on a pole?

Riley:  No

Jer:  Then why are you sad?

Riley:  I'm sad because you are sick.


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