Six loads a week minimum.  And most of it not mine.  Don't really mind it.  But gave a good teaching opportunity for us last week.

Jeremy asked Riley to do something and she went upstairs instead.  I walked in the room and asked what happened.  Jeremy told me (though I don't remember all the details) and so I called up to Riley:

Me:  Hey Riley?!

Riley:  Yea!

Me:  Come downstairs please.

Riley:  Why?

Me:  Because I'm your mom and I'm asking you to do it.

Riley:  (with a little sigh)  Ok Mom.  I'm coming.

Pitter patter.... pitter patter...

Down she comes.

Riley:  Yes?

Me:  Why won't you pick up the stuff Daddy asked you to?

Riley:  I didn't make the whole mess and I don't want to.

Me (surrounded by a big pile of her laundry):  Check this out.  What am I doing?

Riley:  Laundry.

Me:  Right.  And whose clothes are these?

Riley (little uncomfortable giggle):  Mine.  And Jules.

Me:  Are any of them mine?

Riley:  No.

Me:  Did I wear any of these clothes?

Riley:  No.

Me:  Who did?

Riley:  Me.  And Jules.

Me:  Then why am I doing them?

Riley:  I don't know.

Me:  Because I love you.  And so that you can have clean clothes.  Because it is a way I can help our family.  I didn't wear these clothes.  But I can do my part in helping to put them away and to help.  We help each other in our family.  It's a way we show that we love each other.  And that we care.  So instead of arguing or not cleaning up, can you please help and pick your things up?

Riley:  Sure Mom.

And off she went to clean up her mess.


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