Riley was asking me yesterday where my Grandma is.  And I told her that both of my Grandma's are in heaven and that they are not here now.  But she didn't ask or say anything more and went away to play.

This morning on the way to her school, she started up the conversation again.

Riley:  Why did your Grandma die?
Me:  She got to be very old and became sick.
Riley:  How old was she?
Me:  About 80 - maybe a little older.
Riley:  Eight??!!!
Me:  No honey.  80.  It's a lot older than 8.
Riley:  Where is your Grandma now?
Me:  My Grandma is in heaven with Jesus.
Riley:  Well, how is she going to get back here to us?  I miss her.
Me:  Honey, she isn't.  We will go up there to see her one day.
Riley:  Ooohhhh...  well, what did she look like?
Me:  She was very beautiful.
Riley:  I want to see her.


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