Big Sister

I was getting Julia's humidifier ready for her in the bathroom tonight and filling it with water.  Riley came in and asked if she could go into Julia's room to have a big sister moment with her since she was alone. (Jules was in her crib with the lights on in her room)  I told her that she could definitely go in and do that!

When I went into Julia's room, Riley was sitting on the chair and talking to her.  Jules was giggling in her crib, had her bottle in her hand and was just smiling like crazy.  Riley was saying "Oh Jules!  You have your bottle in your hand, silly girl!"

Then I asked Riley if she wanted to read a story to Julia.  She was sooo excited about this!  So she picked out the Five Little Monkeys book that she has memorized and read it word for word to Julia.  I ran downstairs and got the camera.  And started taking pics.

Julia asked "Book!  Book!"  I asked if she wanted to read the book with Riley and she said "yea!"  So I sat her in the chair next to Riley.  She tried stealing the book from her and yelling "Mine!"  so we gave her the Fish Kisses Book.  So Riley is reading one out loud while Julia is making the sounds from her book.  Adorable!

Then Julia tried to rock the chair and giggled.  So Riley got out and started pushing the chair and Julia laughed uncontrollably.  Loads of giggles.

Have to say this was the highlight of my day!


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