Mean Mommy

I put Riley to bed tonight.  She was wiggling and squirming and in fact, is still awake at 8pm even though it's been over an hour since we read and put her to bed.

She kept playing with her monkey stuffed animal.  I told her she needed to lay with it and warned her that if she continued, I'd take it away.  She played with it a second time and I repeated the same thing.  She laid down with it for a very short while and then spun it around in the air over her head.

I stopped the spinning of the animal, gently took it from her and (not my best moment) then threw it across the room and told her "Lay down, babe.  It's time to rest and sleep!"  To which she sat up and replied:

"God would not let you do this to me!"

I said "Say that again?  What was that?"

She said very sternly "God would not let you do this to me.  He would not let you take that animal away from me.  You're being very mean to me.  God will not let you be mean to me."

I explained that she may feel that I'm being mean, but I'm simply following through and doing what I had warned her I would do.  She said "Well you're a mean mommy."  I said "Well that may be, but you know that you were playing with it and that you had two warnings."

She gave me a hug and then we lay down on the bed and I told her I loved her.


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