Riley turns 10

Riley is now in double digits and is becoming such a wonderful young lady.  Her teachers often share stories about her with me.  Coach Mestre often shares that Riley goes out of her way to give him hugs and to say thank you.  In her fourth grade graduation speech, she said that one of her memories of 4th grade was on COE when one of her friends caught a giant fish.  Riley said that while she didn't catch one herself, she was so happy for her friend.  Love this quality in her!

She had a hard season of volleyball as her team lost every game.  However, it was not a total loss.  Riley worked diligently on her overhand serves and set a goal to get 5 serves over the net in her games.  She finished the season with 6 overhand serves - 2 in the last game!  We're very proud of her.

Riley went on a COE trip to Dinosaur Valley.  The students went down a muddy rock slide, swam in the Blue Hole, hiked and pitched tents and spent the night in the wilderness.  Amazing.

She also spent time blowing a glass flower at a local glass factory.  It was a fun Girl Scout activity.  And also very, very hot.

She chose to invite her entire class plus a few girl scout friends to her birthday party.  They skated away for over an hour and a half.  Riley loved every minute.  She chose Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert - they were big hits!

It has been wonderful to see her so happy this year and settled in nicely at GSES.  What a blessing Ms. Swan and her friends have been.


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