Random Things

Mother's Day Gift:  Riley wrote me a note -

I love you because...you are a kind mom who takes care of me and loves me.  You risk your life at breakfast and I love you for that.
Love, Riley Grant

Two things I'd like to point out:
1) I often tease her that I will only risk myself one time every morning when I put peanut butter on her Eggos.  It makes me nervous having to be near the peanut butter like that.
2) She included her last name... guess that's in case I'm not sure which Riley wrote it :)

Fidget Spinners

Riley:  I think Mom would go out of her nuts if Julia got a fidget spinner.
Jeremy:  There's 'going out of your mind' and there's 'going nuts' but there's not a 'going out of her nuts.'  
Until now!


Jeremy wrote Riley a sweet note for her COE trip to Dinosaur Valley:

I pray that you have a wonderful COE trip. That you find tons of adventures...and tons of rocks!!! Bring the adventure - leave the rocks.
Love, Dad


Jeremy (looking at her writing):  That's beautiful penmanship!
Julia:  Yeah, it's actually pencil.


Julia (at bedtime):  I just don't get life.  Like everyone sees life different because they have different eyes.  When we go to heaven and wake up with our new bodies, I see yellow everywhere and you and dad there with me.  And God will have a puppy for all of us.


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