Goal Check Up #2

Finally taking time to evaluate where I am with my goals for this year.  Here goes...

1.  Take a course to learn Finale
Hoping to get on it this summer!

2.  Continue learning Spanish using a workbook, Duolingo app and lunch with friends
Have done Duolingo every single day this year.  Haven't had time for the workbook.  Eating lunch with friends but not speaking Spanish.

3.  Go to church
Definitely more consistent!

4.  Complete my SMU Graduate School Degree in December
Received grades for this semester - maintaining a 4.0!!!  Just have my project in the fall.  Already registered.  Can't wait!

5.  Clean our upstairs room completely and begin using it as a livable area to workout, play video games and lounge
We've been using it to work out, play the Wii and watch movies.  Has been great!!  Hoping to still declutter it more...  I did a thorough clean of the girls rooms today (took 3 hours) and that felt incredible!  So nice to be able to have the time to do it.

6.  Finish reading the entire Bible
Only have 6 days remaining!

7.  Apply to teach a workshop/session at TMEA and offer workshops in local districts/Orff chapters/GSES
My seventh grade students performed at the Bill Martin Symposium at Texas A&M in Commerce.  Was such a blessing to be asked to come!  Also able to help Julie Scott and taught one of her grad school classes on a Saturday as well as assisted her another day.  Was a great way to break the ice.  Hoping to develop my skills in this area.

8.  Go on one date each month with Jeremy
Well.... hasn't truly happened.  About 3 times since January.

9.  Limit myself to purchasing only one new unnecessary item for myself each month
Doing SO well with this!  I have purchased a total of 7 items this year - two of which were for the auction event, another 2 for school events.  This is more than 1 item per month.  However, the two items for the auction were absolutely necessary (as I truly didn't have a fancy enough cocktail dress and my heels had begun to rip in the front).  So with that added in - I've maintained one new item a month.

In May, I purchased a lavender dress for $9.99 and a super comfy soft dress for $14.95 - both from Altar'd State.   Using the Stylebook App to track what I wear and cost per item.  Not quite a minimal wardrobe but enjoying seeing patterns and it's helping me identify what I am missing and what I tend to gravitate towards.

10.  Find a tv show series to watch
Scandal!!!  Loving it.

11.  Family Fridays
Haven't done a designated day... or time.  Julia and I have played games every single day this week after school.  She sets them up in centers in her room.  Have loved the time with her.

12.  Complete the Google Teacher Certified Educator Level One
Surprised myself - completed it and passed the test on the first try! Passed the Level Two Google Educator course!

13.  Do all I can to locate, contact and engage with my brother Jim
Sent Rana a letter and a picture of Jim.  No word back as to his location.  Continuing to pray.


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