Future Husband

Riley came home the other day and shared that she thought a boy in her grade liked her.  She's very friendly with the boys (which is great!) and has told us that she's one of the only girls who is nice to them as most of the girls want nothing to do with each boys and/or tease them.  she shared with us that the boy had told her friend that he liked her.  Riley then talked to the boy and she said that she asked him several questions to get it out of him.

I shared that it's a great thing to learn how to be around boys and be their friends.  That they are fun to be around and that I wish I had spent more time just being friends with boys rather than worrying about if I liked them or they liked me.

Riley said that she told him "I don't think I've found 'the one' yet."

She's ten so it's very unlikely that she has.  However I shared that she should make sure he doesn't feel bad for liking her and that the best thing she can do is to treat him respectfully, kindly and friendly.


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