Julia turns 7

A few months ago in March, Julia turned seven.  She celebrated with a party at home with her Primer friends (Caroline, Yvie and Ellis).  The girls played some Mario Kart Wii, danced in the living room, ate ice cream cake and had a lot of fun together.

Julia has grown so much this year.  She often had sensory issues with clothing and had a hard time letting me go every morning.  This year she has developed more confidence in herself and security at school.  She still likes to roll her pants and leggings at the waist (even her jeans) but doesn't fuss at all about the uniform shirts in the armpits or cuffs.  This is huge.

Her reading and math concepts are definite strengths.  The biggest developments have been the social and emotional parts.  She is able to express herself verbally and not using physical outlets towards Riley when she's upset.  Again, this is huge.  We've worked a lot on telling the truth and saying sorry. She doesn't like to do it, but she's improved so much in this area.  I love seeing her being able to take responsibility and forgiveness too.

At night, she's been better about sleeping in her room.  This past week she slept with me almost every night.  One night she couldn't get to sleep so she wanted to write a song.  She hit her pillow repeatedly on a steady beat and asked me to sing a new song - make one up.  Then she'd ask me to keep a beat on my pillow and she would create a song.  She was hilarious.  And completely exhausted in the morning.  lol...

Julia loves Primer so much.  What an amazing year it has been!  So thankful we chose to give her a year with Ms. Hackney and all the special times they have together.  It's such a unique and special year.  I have no doubt she'll look back on this as one of her favorite years.

One of the highlights was when all four Primer girls went out to Ms. Hackney's farm (owned by Carley Hackney's aunt and uncle).  The girls were able to feed the cows, see their chicks (that had been hatched in their classroom), go on a hayride and make crafts.  The girls spent the night.  In the morning, all of the families came for a delicious pancake breakfast.  The girls had helped with all the fruit and gathering eggs from the barn.  We prayed together and had a wonderful morning.


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