I went to take the dog out yesterday and there was a woman outside who was very lost.  She had her phone out, was stumbling around and looking very very confused.  She called out to me "Where is the school?"  I asked if she was looking for a school (I didn't quite hear her well as her speech was slurred).  She said "No.  Where is the school?"  At this point, I was confused.  I told her we had just moved in (4 months ago but she didn't need to know that) and I didn't know.  She looked completely irritated.

She stood in the middle of the street with her cell phone in her hand and then went to the middle of the intersection of our street and the next street and looked around.  She was talking to herself and then said "Well, do you know anyone who would know where the school is?  This doesn't make sense."

I saw that our neighbors' car was in the driveway so I said we could ask them.

She responded with "You go up and ask them.  Because I'm a babysitter and I'm tired."

I kept my eye on her and she was stumbling more.  Thankful our neighbors were home and they had been watching the interaction through the window (love them!).  He was able to share where the middle school was on the other side of the main street.  She made her way down and I shared what she had told me to do.

Lisa responded with "Did you tell her 'I'm a mom and I'm tired?'"  We laughed.  While a true statement, I was more concerned with whether she was going to pull out a gun than if I should trump her.  I now have a new line to share whenever I don't feel like doing something.


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