Rare Form

Julia has kept us on our toes.  This mornings Julia-ism was that she didn't want to change out of her pjs to go to school.  It was a half day inservice so we didn't have to go until 8am.  8am!!!  It was like Christmas to sleep past 5:30am.  Though I love my morning groups to no end.  It was a refreshing change to sleep a bit more.  Julia wasn't so convinced.  She didn't even have to wear a uniform today and had no interest in wearing anything but pjs.

So our conversation was thus:

Julia:  Santa is watching you - you know.

Me:  Yes and you too.

Julia:  Yes but he's mostly watching the parents because they boss their kids around.

She did eventually put on clothes after I put a shirt on her and she ripped it off.  Then left her to pout while wearing nothing on top.  After we got home this afternoon, Julia started to be sassy and wanted to explain what a word was that she learned.

Julia:  Do you know what overnoxious means?  It means that you do the same thing over and over again and then you throw up.

Riley:  Don't you mean obnoxious?

Julia:  Yeah.

Riley:  That's not what it means.  It means that you're like really annoying.

Julia:  No it doesn't.  You're mean.

And there you have it folks.


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