Goal Setting

Beginnings of goals for 2016
This is simply a think-page for some ideas towards next year's goals.

1) Free Goal Setting and Weekly Planning Worksheets - Click here
- love this free website!
- utilize these forms to create goals for the new year

2) Changing Current Habits
- spending less money on clothing
- spending more time with family
- spending less time on Facebook and social media
- spending more time relaxing and reading (finding ways to relax that I enjoy!)

3) Building New
- Composing pieces for my classroom (using bars/drums/UPP)
- how to play harpsichord
- how to play basic drum set

4) Spiritual
- Purposeful scripture memorization
- Engage with others at church in small groups/worship team
- Women's bible studies

5) Health
- More rest
- More time doing what I love
- Exercising
- Eating more vegetables

6) Teaching
- Graduate Studies at SMU
- Attend NAOSA Workshops
- Lead a workshop this year in the area
- Work towards Orff Certification
- Kodaly Level II at SMU this summer

7) Vacation
- take time for family at least one time this year
- all four of us together

8) Reading
- Top 16 books for 2016 (5 classics/5 educational/6 fun)
- something I love to do

9) Marriage
- Date nights
- Plan for them and do them once a month at least


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