12 hours in

As of this semester, I have completed 12 hours of my graduate degree at SMU.  Just received word of our grades tonight and looked online to find that I have maintained my 4.0 GPA.  All A's for the semester.  The amount of work and dedication to studying this semester was incredible.  I had honestly thought at the beginning of the semester that I'd be happy with a B.  And wasn't sure if I could even do that as the course was so challenging.  Dr. Harder was an amazing teacher - pure genius.  He was tough and there was so much work to be done to make sure we covered all the concepts.  I'm so thrilled to have just focused on the tasks at hand and tried to just do my best on every assignment as we went along without looking too far ahead.  It paid off greatly.  All A's... here's to continuing that trend next semester :)


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