My Country Song

I told Jeremy that I was going to work on writing a country song that lists our woes and celebrates our joys in our new home.  Thinking of a melody.  Some of the lyrics might go something like this:

Traveled less than 30 miles to a new and smaller home
Fresh paint, new carpet, rid of so much junk and dreams for where we'd go
Three months in and burglars took our electronics but left all of our tvs
Now a huge camera system has got our back so that we can just be
living in...

Dallas - we sure love you
Big trees, big leaves, big yard
Dallas - you're our favorite
wild winds, big rains, green grass
The power flickers and the lightbulbs burn out quick
The water costs in the city sure make our stomachs turn sick
But Dallas -
you're home now for us

The hardwood floors were perfect for a few months until they buckled up so bad
Not only can we not go upstairs, but the wall in the living room is compressing, so sad...
Foundation companies came to tell us their measurements aren't wrecked
"It's definitely not foundation - better get check your sewer lines checked"

Dallas - we sure love you
Deep puddles, water pressure, pinched floors
Dallas - you're our favorite
Three earthquakes in only six months (small ones)
The house does shake, the roof is covered in leaves
We're so thankful Alejandro and team are the one who cleans
But Dallas -
you're home now for us

A lady's walking by the house and says she's looking for a school
Tells me to ask my neighbor as she's a babysitter who's too tired to
Few weeks later a hooded man comes out of the dark as I'm walking the dog in the rain
I kick off my flip flops and run for my life as he doesn't seem real sane

Dallas - we sure love you
Friendly people, busy streets
Dallas - you're our favorite
These are only minor things
We have no doubt we're in the right place and God has given us so much grace
Oh Dallas -
you're home now for us.


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