We're figuring out some things about our new home.  One of them is the locks.  There are three doors that lead outside and one that goes to the garage.  All of them have a regular lock, a deadbolt and this C-shaped metal piece that connects to a chain that keeps people from entering.  Apparently it's a Texas Security Bolt found here at Home Depot.  Ours are all white, but function the same way.

Jeremy met us up at the new home to drop off a few things and see the painted rooms.  As we were leaving tonight, I made sure to hook the security bolts on all the doors to keep the house safe.  We went into the garage and I shut the door.

Jeremy asked if we wanted to lock the door to the garage and we agreed it would be a good idea.  I shut the door and then tried to lock the door with the house key and it wouldn't lock.  So knowing we needed it locked, I reopened the door, locked it from the inside and shut it.

The problem with what I had just done became apparent when I then decided to test the key again when the door was shut and locked.  Surprise, surprise... it didn't open!  I had just finished painting for eight hours so my brain wasn't fully working.  I'll just blame the paint fumes.

I was flabbergasted as to why it wasn't working.  I told Jeremy "Who would own a home where the key wouldn't open the door?"  He looked at me somewhat funny.  I then tried the other two keys that we have to the house.  I thought maybe one of them would work, but they didn't.

Jeremy had watched me do all of it and it didn't take time for him to figure out what I'd done.  For me, it took a little while.  (Again, paint fumes to blame for brain not working... right!?)  I told him how I locked it from the inside and he explained that we have no other way to get in the house.  I was a little confused as to why we couldn't when there are three other doors to get in.  He then reminded me that I'd used the C-shaped bolts to keep our home safe.  Which also meant it kept us from opening the doors and getting in too.

We left our very safe home and I called a Locksmith.  Hoping that we can meet up with him at the house and get everything working.  I'll need to be smart about using the locks so we don't get locked out again.  :)


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