Debt Paid

After several years of fighting off our debt and working to get out from under it, we are now completely debt free!!!

When we purchased our new home, one of our goals was to find something in the low end of our price range and pay off as much debt as we could.  We had roughly $30,000 in credit cards and credit line from things such as two kids in daycare ($1600-1800 per month for a year), fence/roof/appliances/heater/ducts... and life in general.  We had begun to really make a plan several months back and were trying our best to spend less and pay it down.

We made a good amount on our last home and found a home that allowed us to pay off every dime of debt.  Now we work to stay that way.  No HOA fees, no daycare costs, no debt payments each month and a smaller home will all help us to have less to spend each month.  Here's to staying debt free and saving more!!


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