Paint Colors

We're doing a slightly different color palette for our new home.  It's quite a bit smaller than our current home and we want to lighten it up a little.  Though we find ourselves pulled towards some darker colors that will make all the white cabinets, shelves and fireplace 'pop.'

We purchased all of our paints from Home Depot so far.  Behr paints in flat enamel with stain resistance/easy clean.  There are a few rooms we haven't gotten paint for yet, but will do that soon.  Here are the colors we're doing:

Riley's Bedroom:  Double Click
Julia's Bedroom:  Double Click
Master Bedroom:  French Silver
Kitchen and Dinette:  Fashion Gray
Family Room:  Suede Gray
Living Room and Dining Room: Studio Taupe
Laundry Room:  Teton Blue
Hallway and Entry Way:  Studio Taupe

Today I painted both of the girl's bedrooms and the kitchen/dinette.  The electrician came to finish some work on the home.  Hoping to paint the laundry room and master tomorrow.


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