Camp Dry Gulch

On Monday morning, I took Riley to the Hope McKinney Church Campus where she and almost 400 other children got on charter buses to ride five hours to Oklahoma to attend Camp Dry Gulch.  Six days at camp overnight.... her first time to be away from home with people she doesn't know.  There are church leaders there and counselors.  She was nervous and excited.

The night before she left she asked if she could eat lunch and dinner at the same time so that she could just go to sleep to make camp come faster.

I woke her up early on Monday morning.  Typically she doesn't want to wake up early - loves to sleep until at least 10am.  At 6:30am, she stretched and pumped her hands in the air.  Then she got dressed fast and ate breakfast.

We went through the check-in lines at church.  I found my friend Jennifer and her daughter Alex.  Introduced the girls and then got them set up for the same bus to take to camp.

As they called the Gold Bus to board, I said a very quick prayer, hugged her quickly and handed her lunch.  She walked straight on the bus and never looked back.

They've been great about posting pictures of what's going on each day.  So far I've see three pics of her: one in the pool, one of her walking and one of her standing with a group of girls.  The interesting part was her attire.  She wore a blue shirt, black spandex shorts and a black skirt on Monday.  Tuesday's pictures showed her in the same black spandex shorts with a sleep shirt that says "Not a Morning Person."  Wednesday's pictures show her in the same black spandex shorts with the blue shirt she wore on Monday morning.

She and I went shopping for outfits for camp.  Bought her new shorts and matching shirts for each day of camp.  Curious to hear how that worked for her :)  And looking forward to seeing another pic of her at camp to see what her outfit today was... I'm thinking something like the sleep shirt with the black skirt.  Mix it up a little maybe :)


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