All Moved In

It has now been sixteen days since our movers brought everything to our new home.  This has already been one of the best decisions we have made yet.  The home is smaller and amazingly so much better than our last one.  I loved having a large home, but didn't realize the amount of time and energy that simple tasks took.  Now that we have two bathrooms instead of three, cleaning is amazingly quick and easy.  Vacuuming is super easy as it's less than half our home instead of two stories of almost entirely carpet.  Sweeping takes no time as the kitchen is half the size.  Yet instead of being frustrated that we have less room, it has been incredibly freeing.

Every morning and night I take our dog Valentino for a walk.  There are beautiful big trees throughout the neighborhood as well as lots of nature sounds.  We even have a family of owls that lives in one of the trees in our backyard.

We managed to get tons finished before moving into the house and now two weeks later even more is complete.  I painted the entire downstairs (except the two small bathrooms) in five days.  Well six actually as I just painted the entry and hallway yesterday.  Jeremy installed Container Store closets in the three bedroom closets and we'll be putting another one in the hallway closet soon.

The sprinkler company, plumber, pest control, carpet company, electrician, and soon the a/c company have all been out to the house to fix or do work on various things.

The girls are absolutely loving the new home.  Haven't heard them say they missed the old home at all.  Playing in their bedrooms compared to a large playroom hasn't been an issue either.  In fact they've both said how nice it is to be so close to each other as far as proximity goes with all three bedrooms.  We've liked that as well.

The room above the garage is still pretty full of boxes to go through.  Best part is that noone sees that part of it and the rest of the house is completely unpacked.

Our new home is cozy, comfortable, sweet and charming.  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to live here.


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