Riley often asks for "good thinkings" at night when she can't fall asleep.  We often give her ideas about what she has coming up, what God has done/is and things we are thankful for.  Tonight she gave me some thinkings.  She walked over to the computer and sat down to write down questions she wanted me to answer.  The questions were:

1.  How do you get in a door?
2.  How do you see without eyes?
3.  How do you play anything without help?
4.  How do you copy papers without reading them?
5.  How do you type without a key board?
6.  How do you watch tv without a reymote?

She then asked me to read the questions after she printed them and stood next to me as I read them. She would then give me the answers if I didn't know them (and I didn't know any of them).  The answers are:

1.  You open it.
2.  You don't.
3.  You can't.
4.  You can't.
5.  You go on your iPad!
6.  I don't know... No it's... you can't.

Me:  How'd you think up these?

Riley:  Random.... (long pause)  Take stuff in the room and use them as ideas.

Julia:  Take stuff from the room in the butt (is cut off by Jeremy)

Jeremy:  Julia - sit down.

Julia:  (stops talking immediately, hops up and down and goes away)  Ok!


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