So Far

We are settling back into our school routine.  And not perfectly I'll add.  Julia has had a fit almost every morning.  Mainly about her socks and how they never fit exactly how she wants them to fit.  We've tried every pair there is to try - cheap to expensive - and nothing has made the difference.  She has tough mornings, but by the time I pick her up at school she is smiling and happy.  This morning as we drove to school she cried and said "Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night?!"  I told her that it was early in the morning, but still dark.  She responded with "But then why is the moon still out?  It is night and this isn't fair."  I completely agree with the 'not fair' part as far as waking up early but such is life.

Riley has been moody to say the least.  Very sensitive and crying over just about anything and everything.  Fought me for almost two hours yesterday about getting her homework done.  She finally did it all (Fasttmath, spelling city and piano practice).  I knew she had a difficult day at school during gym class as I'd talked to the gym teacher, but she wouldn't talk about it.  We snuggled and talked for a bit after she refused to work.  After a few tears and realizing that I knew about her frustrations of the day, she got to work.  Sometimes I need the reminder to sit and talk with the girls to hear their emotions/feelings in order to truly understand what's going on behind the defiance.

This week has been strange.  No piano students, no choir rehearsals, no concerts, no SMU Grad classes.  Only teaching.  It feels empty and very simple.  I am enjoying the time to workout after school and to get some laundry put away.  Though honestly I'm looking forward to a little fuller schedule as I don't feel as fulfilled.  I may feel overstressed in a few weeks though when everything is in full swing.  Until then, I'm enjoying some relaxing time.


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