Mahi Mahi

Riley:  So how was your date night?

Me:  It was great!  We had to wait TWO HOURS before we could eat though.

Riley:  Wow!  Why?

Me:  The restaurant was so crowded because so many people wanted to eat there.  It was worth the wait though.

Riley:  That's great!!  What did you eat?

Me:  I had chicken and hummus and pita bread.  And we had the whiskey cake which was amazing. We brought some home for you to try!

Riley:  Oh thank you!!!

Me:  Daddy had Mahi Mahi, a type of fish that's in the dolphin family.

Riley: What?  He ate a dolphin?

Me:  No!  He ate a fish from the dolphin family.

Riley:  I would NOT eat it.  Dolphins are our friends!  If you were older, like 60, and you were using a cane near the ocean and you dropped it in the ocean, the dolphin would save it and bring it back up to you.  And if you got lost in the sea on a ship and you fell out of the ship, the dolphin would sometimes bring you back to shore.

Me:  Oh.

Riley:  Would you eat it?  Would Dad eat it?  Would I eat it?  NO!!  I would not eat my friends.

Me:  I would not eat it.  As far as Dad, I think if it tasted good, he'd eat it.

So both of us headed downstairs to talk to Jeremy about it.  His response was what I expected and it was such a cute conversation between him and Riley.

Riley:  Dad, would you eat a dolphin?

Jeremy:  I'd try it!

Riley:  No you wouldn't.  I wouldn't let you eat it.  Dolphins are our friends!!


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