Whiskey Cake


Our first date night of the year!  I sent out a Facebook post asking for restaurant ideas.  There is no shortage of fabulous places here in Dallas.  Several people suggested Whiskey Cake so we went with that.  It was incredibly crowded and very hip.  We joked that we were the old people in the young people joint... at the ages of 37 and 39.

Jeremy had called ahead, but for some reason when we talked to the girl our name wasn't even there.  She put us on the list with the 8:10pm group.  This was at 6:45pm so we had at least an hour and a half or so to wait.  We weren't sure where to go so we went to the closest place we could.  The car.

We sat in the car until 8:00pm.  I joked that we should have a make-out session and steam up the car. (We didn't)  We talked and laughed and talked and laughed.  It was the best time we've had in a long time.  Actually, it's the only time together we've had in a while.

When we got into the restaurant, we ended up waiting another 30 minutes.  As we waited, we people watched.  Jeremy made the joke that he was waiting for someone to call out "Cartwright-party-four!" (Seinfeld reference)  I joked that we should pretend to take the Triplehorn's reservation.  (Date Night movie reference)  We talked and laughed some more.  Then I texted my friend Christine for a while and he checked out some stuff online.  Finally we got seated.

We ordered the hummus and pita appetizer.  The pita bread is incredibly great!!!  Jeremy got a Calico Amber Beer by Balast Point which he loved.  I got water because I didn't want to spend $8 on a glass and instead wanted the appetizer.  Traded wine for hummus and it was worth it.

For the main meal, Jeremy got Mahi Mahi with watercress and balsamic dressing on a bed of blue corn grits.  I got the Rotisserie "Farm Bird"- half spit roasted chicken with sauteed bloomsdale spinach and smoky onion mustard jus.

Even though we were so full, I wanted to try the Whiskey Cake because I didn't know when we'd come back to eat there.  Plus they could take the pecans off so I could actually eat it!  Best decision ever to have it!!

It is a toffee torte with bourbon anglaise and a side of whipped cream.  Ate much more of it than I had planned as it was incredible.

My Review:  Go!!  A must-eat-at restaurant!!  And make a call before 6:00pm for a call-ahead.  Then call again at 6:05pm to make sure you are actually on the list ;)  Unless you're a group of eight or more and then you can make a reservation so I would suggest that you find at least 7 friends and go.  Definitely an amazing place to eat.


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