Riley got home from bowling about ten minutes or so before the dog arrived.  When the doorbell rang, everyone pretended not to know who it was.  Jeremy mentioned that maybe Peyton was back.  We had Riley go to the door.

When she opened the door, Lynn handed her the dog and said "Surprise!"  Riley said "A puppy!"  She didn't quite understand that it was actually going to be our puppy.  It took her a little while to realize that the puppy was for us.  When she realized it, she just said "He's so cute!!!"

Lynn gave us a few items and then shared information about the dog's name.  Her daughter had the dog for a few days and had named him "Valentino" because he has white fur in the shape of a heart on his chest.  We all loved the name and have decided to keep it!  Quite nice as it fits him and we don't have to deal with the girls arguing over what name they want for him.

Before Riley had gotten home, we had talked with Julia about getting a puppy.  She was so excited and kept talking about the dog.  We told her that she'd need to stay totally quiet about it when Riley got home. She told us "Ok.  I will put it in the back of my mind" as she pointed to the top of her head.  She did an amazing job not saying a word to Riley about the dog.

Julia wanted to name the dog either Prince or Prince Felix.

The girls played with the dog last night for a while.  It was a pretty late night.  Riley loved to have him snuggle with her and lick her face.  Julia would reach her hands toward Val and when he would come towards her, she'd scream and walk backwards.  It was hilarious.  Then she'd cry because the dog wouldn't come to her.  She's doing much better this morning and is more familiar with him.

Jeremy put the dog in the laundry room for the night with a potty pad, soft bed in a box with towels, and a water bowl.  He whimpered quite a bit.  Riley's room is directly above the laundry room.  Even with music playing, you could hear Val whimpering.  Riley was so worried about him.  It took her a while to get to sleep.

This morning Julia and I woke up and went directly to get Val.  He was so happy to see us.  He'd used the potty pad a few times and the room was still very clean.  Val has a great personality - loves to play and has a cute little walk.  His tail has a cute little kink in it.

I'm still in awe of the fact that we now have a dog.  Here's to some fun adventures!


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