Our Family Dog

A few months ago Riley was (again) asking why we couldn't get a dog.  She has been wanting one for the longest time and has often cried about it.  We've explained how we aren't home as much as we'd like to take care of a dog, that they are work and they cost money.  She has tried to be patient, but was always very sad.

I finally told her "Riley, if you really want a dog, you need to start praying that God has someone knock on our door and give us a dog for free."

Jeremy responded with "Be careful!  Someone just might do that."

Go back to the summer when Riley was selling chocolate bars.  We stopped at a neighbor's home and she had a Maltipoo.  Riley loved the dog and asked what kind it was.  Then told her how much that she wants a dog that is a Maltipoo.  The lady (Lynn) shared that her good friend is a breeder who sells Maltipoos and that she could let us know when she has more for sale.  I told her that would be great!

Riley and I walked past the lady's home the other day asking if we could stop to ask if she had any dogs available.  I told her that she'd come to us if she had one.  Fast forward to today:

Today Riley came home from her sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house with a pet lizard.  She tried convincing us that the lizard is real.  She even made a leash for it made from yarn and a ponytail holder which she put around its' neck.  She carried it around all day long pretending it was her pet and talking to it.

She left to go bowling with her friend Peyton and their family.  Jeremy, Julia and I were home having dinner and playing on the computer when the door bell rang.  We knew it was early for Riley to be coming home and I answered the door.  It was Lynn.

She asked us if we were still interested in getting a dog.  Her breeder was offering a "buy one dog and get one dog free."  Lynn had just purchased a dog and had gotten a second dog for free - and wanted to know if we wanted the free dog.  She had given her daughter the free dog, but they are fostering a baby and it was just too crazy a time to take it.  So... would we want the dog?  For free!!  AND would we want the dog tonight?

Jeremy and I looked at each other and said "Yes!"  I mean - how do you say no to that?

When Riley gets home in about an hour, she'll be surprised with our first family dog.  I have no doubt there will be tears, laughter and jumping!


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