Four Books

In September, I read four books that were really wonderful.  Some more wonderful than others.  In order of my favorite reads:

1.  Quiet
Introverts vs. Extroverts: Fascinating read!  Favorite one of the month!

2. Heaven is For Real
And seriously, this book took all of an hour to read cover to cover.

3. Ben Carson's One Nation
Great questions at the end of each chapter with things to do such as "Read the entire US Constitution."  The older I get, the more important that I realize our freedoms and our rights are.  But also how important it is to be knowledgable about what our politicians truly believe.  Which is near impossible.  I felt that he takes good stands on his beliefs and I like the ideas/questions he asks us to think about at the end of each chapter.  Though I don't know that I completely trust him either - he comes across as a know-it-all and as someone who thinks a lot of himself.  But also as someone who really wants some good changes for our country as well.  I'm a lot tainted with politicians and have major trust issues with them.

That being said, I am also very anti-media of any sort.  I don't trust anyone from either side of the table.  I refuse to watch the news channels and I never read magazines (unless it's something related to crocheting, working out or a cheap tabloid magazine while standing in the longest Walmart line ever).  To get information, I like to use sources I think I can trust from both sides which means that I truly don't get good information about anything because I don't read anything.  This truly has me wondering where I get my information... my husband, my coworkers and Facebook.  Not that I believe all the information I read because I don't.  Need to broaden my horizons and find true, factual sources.  Thinking I need to read sources from outside the US to see what others think of what we are doing - my coworkers' husband does this and I think it's brilliant.

4. Can't remember what book it is and my iPad is upstairs and it's 10:24pm and I'm too lazy to go look it up.  But I'm pretty sure it was good.


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