Life With a Dog

I have never been an animal person.  Still not.  Except for our little Valentino.  I've got a little soft spot for him.  He's such a good dog!!  He fell asleep on me this morning and is now laying on my foot as I'm typing at the computer.  He's quite a little snuggler.

The girls are loving him.  Julia's still figuring him out and doesn't like his sharp nails (we need to get them trimmed).  Riley loves him to pieces and wants to be with him constantly.  It's so sweet.

Though I think Val's very favorite person is Jeremy.  This morning he followed Jeremy around downstairs.  When Jeremy left to put some things in his car, Val sat by the door whimpering and whining sadly until Jeremy came back in.  Then he followed Jeremy around and sat at his feet for while.  When Jeremy left, he acted a little forlorn, but soon popped up to sit on me and take a nap.

A few things we've learned:

1 - Don't use a flea collar on a dog under 12 weeks old.  I put one on him yesterday and he didn't seem to be feeling quite right.  It was only on for a few hours.  I immediately took it off when I read the complete information on the back of the packaging.  Turns out it's not a safe or good thing to use!

2.  Dog poop smells worse than just about anything.  Ugh!  Thankful he hasn't had any dog farts yet because those can be just as bad.

3.  Val loves to sleep under our couches and on the bottom of our coffee tables next to the baskets.

4.  Your house is actually cleaner when you own a dog than when you don't.  No little beads or small items under the tables that we would just leave there and vacuum up when I vacuumed.  Everything needs to be clear of tiny pieces.  Have thoroughly cleaned the downstairs and loving how sparkly and fresh it is!  Julia's already doing better keeping her snack wrappers in the trash too!

5.  It truly is like having a newborn in the house except Val is already doing great about sleeping in her crate and going potty on her potty pads.  Now if we can get her to go outside...


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