Julia's Fall Conference

Here is the email I sent to Jeremy and my mom to let them know about my phone conference with Julia's teacher.  

So I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with Ms. Asila.  She’s wonderful!  She gave us some insights on Julia that I think are so cute and so accurate.  It’s somewhat funny to me all of the expectations put upon her… I’m not sure I could identify a sphere ;)

She said that Julia is doing her works perfectly (washing hands, washing table, pouring water, getting napkins, etc…).  She has mastered her colors for age 3, but is progressing on colors for age 4.  There are over 60 colors for her to learn for age 4 and she’ll master them at some point.

She mixes up her geometric shapes – puts the word ‘trapezoid’ under the picture of a ‘sphere.’  She said she works very hard to try to read the words and put them in the right place.  

Her language is good.

She needs to practice tracing.  It is getting better but she needs to work on her writing skills.  Her 2’s are backwards and look like 5’s.

Sounds are coming along fantastic.  When she was tested on August 19, Julia could only identify two sounds in the entire alphabet.  She was tested last week and now knows all of the alphabet sounds!  She read her first word this past week in class to Ms. Asila!!!  It was the word ‘cat.’  Ms. Asila had her phonetically sound out the letters a and t.  Then put them together and added the letter c to the front.  Julia read all three letters like “c-a-t” and then looked at her and said “Cat!”

Her numbers are good when writing them, but she can’t count by two’s by herself.  She’s working on counting by 2’s, 10’s and single digits up to 100.  Her addition is great and they are starting basic subtraction skills.

Art is good, she participates in music, but she is off-task during circle time.  Her attention goes quickly and she needs to be redirected often.  She plays with her fingers instead of doing what she’s supposed to be doing.

Her behavior during class is wonderful – no problems there.


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