Piano Lessons

Today Riley had her first piano lesson!  I went with my mom and Julia to Music and Arts to purchase new books for my piano students who will begin lessons on Tuesday.  I have 14 students this summer and I'm really looking forward to it!  Riley had mentioned at the end of the school year that she wanted to learn how to play the piano so I talked to her about it today and she asked for me to get her some of her own piano books.

I am starting her in the Faber's "My First Piano Adventure for the young beginner" books.  I love them!!!  In the first lesson, it is all about posture, a poem about how to hold your hands (so cute!), playing white keys or black keys, loud/soft/fast/slow.  There is a duet that we played several times together.  Riley really wanted to sing it by herself and loved playing it with me.  She also really enjoyed the writing book where she gets to explain why the postures are correct or not and then writes notes and symbols as the book goes on.

I love that she has so much interest in it!!  I've never wanted to be her piano teacher as I truly believe she'd learn better if she wasn't taking from me.  Mom, Music teacher at school and piano teacher are probably too many titles for me to have.  But for the beginning of her piano 'career', I am the most affordable and hopefully she'll learn to love it as much as I do!


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