Father's Day Gifts

I am still trying to figure out what to get Jeremy for Father's Day.  I know things he would like, but they are way above our budget at the moment.  And he has lots of technology items that he loves.  He does need some new shirts, but that's nothing he'd get excited about!  :)

There is a cute painting place around the corner where you can paint pottery and it is very affordable.  We went there for their friend Emma's birthday a month or so ago.  The girls loved it!!  I told them we'd go there again and this seemed like the perfect occasion.

We went this afternoon and I told them that we didn't need to share anything about it with Daddy until we picked the pieces up this Saturday.  They said "Okay" and picked out their pieces.  I thought they'd want bowls/plates/big things to paint with lots of surface area, but they chose very simple and thoughtful items.

Then they picked out six colors each that they wanted to use.  Riley was very detailed oriented and focused.  Julia loved using the brushes and worked very hard as well.  They were patient waiting for the sides to dry and then working on the other side as well.

Riley wrote words on hers that say "Awesome Dad."  This comes from the fact that one night Riley asked which parent she was going to have with her that night.  Jeremy said he had her and Riley replied with "Just plain old Dad?!"  And we turned it around into "Awesome Dad!"  So now he is Awesome Dad and not plain old Dad.

Julia liked using the bottom of the paint brush to make polka dots.  Riley did as well.

As I put the finishing touch (writing a few words) over Julia's paint job, the girls got restless so the owner brought over tiles and asked if they'd want to paint them and that he'd add it to his collection and put it up on the wall.  Riley loved the idea; Julia not so much.  But then the owner showed the girls where the tiles were on the wall and asked them if they could make it pretty for him.  They got right to work.

Julia turned to me and said "Mom, I work very hard on dis.  Dat man tell me to make it pitty so I make it really pitty for him to put on his wall."  Riley drew stars with polka dots in a blue sky.  Was very pretty.

At dinner tonight, Riley came over to our side of the table when Jeremy got up and whispered "Remember, don't say anything about what we did this afternoon when we painted."  Then she went right back to her seat.

As soon as Jeremy came back, Julia said "We go to the Royal Brush today and make you something.  We paint!"  Jeremy didn't catch it, but I started laughing softly and Riley put her head on her hands.  Julia then repeated "Daddy, we go paint today at the Royal Brush and make you something.  I do Grandpa's and Riley do yours!"  Jeremy was like "Ohh..."  Julia responded with "Happy Father's Day!"  We all laughed.

Jeremy said something about knowing his gift now and Riley made a comment about how he didn't know how many he was getting and that she had made two things - one for her to keep and one for him.  Jeremy said "The details just keep coming..."

It was quite funny.  I'm sure he'll still be surprised :)


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