AG Doll Store

Yesterday was a busy day.  Swim lessons in the morning, showers, lunch, ixl/reading/piano for Riley and ixl/reading for Julia.  In the afternoon, we drove down to see Jeremy at work. The girls met his coworkers.  They especially loved Mr. Best (Chuck) and his huge office windows.  Jules loved pointing out the airplane that was flying and Riley was fascinated with the line between the window panes.

Mr. Best commented on Julia's big blue eyes.  Jeremy said that she gets a lot with those eyes.  He replied "Yes, she really saw that airplane way out there!"  :)

I took them to the hallway bathroom and became very aware of how sterile and quiet the professional office is.  Everyone is incredibly nice, but it is a totally different environment than where I work!  As I was washing my hands, Julia proceeded to open the bathroom door and dart out into the hallway without shoes on.  Riley then yelled loudly into the hallway "JULIA!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!"  Julia found this hilarious.  I dried my hands as fast I could.  Ran out to the hall to find her giggling and Jeremy standing far at the end of the other hallway standing out his door saying "What is that?"  I explained and couldn't believe he could hear her inside of his office.  So apparently the entire tenth floor heard her as well.

We then made our trip to Preston Center to go to La Lobe and have our ears evaluated and we learned how to take out earrings and put them in.  Since the American Girl store is on our way home and is easy to get to, we stopped there on the way back north.

Throughout the last few months, I've been giving Riley any spare change that we've had in my purse, Jeremy's wallet or wherever any coins end up.  Turns out we have a lot of change!!  $78 worth to be exact!!  It was enough to purchase an American Girl Doll Horse and Cat.  Julia wanted a Bitty Baby and since I hadn't given her any change this time around, I pitched in for that.  The girls knew exactly what they wanted.  Riley was on a mission when we entered the store.  Didn't care about anything else that was around.

I asked if they wanted to look around and Julia said "Yes!  Let's look at the babies!"  Riley said "I just want my horse and my cat and then I want to go home!"  I convinced them to look around a little bit, but they mostly wanted what we had come for and then wanted to go home to play with it.

We spent the rest of the day with the dolls and new things and all morning today playing with them as well.


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