This past week the girls went to Lakeside Montessori while I was at the Orff Level.  Riley was able to do some amazing field trips:  splash day, Perot Museum, Train Stop, Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and the library.

While at the DMA, the students saw paintings and pictures of the cross and Jesus.  The kids had questions about them and the teacher didn't know the story of Jesus.  Riley did and shared all about the story of Jesus and the crucifixion and why he came.

After she went on the field trip, she didn't say too much, but did tell us that she thought it would be boring, but it wasn't at all!  Said she really loved it.  I asked her what her favorite painting was.  She told me it was the one that she drew after the trip!  :)

The next day when we walked into Lakeside, Riley's teacher said (with tears in her eyes) "You'd be so proud of Riley, Mrs. Grant.  We saw pictures of the cross and Jesus and the kids had questions about it and I was so thankful Riley was there.  I don't know the story and Riley gave a full account of the story of Christ and it was very detailed.  She was able to answer the kids questions when I couldn't and I was so glad she was there."

I thought she was going to say that Riley had set a great example and was good on the trip.  We were so very proud to know that she shared her faith and told others about the story of Jesus.  Riley was beaming and said "I just wanted to tell them about Jesus."


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