Summer Take 2

The second day of summer is proving to be just as incredible as day one!  Shall I count the ways I love this summer...

1.  I love sleeping.  Not sleeping in.  That hasn't happened yet.  Julia woke up at 6:15am so that means I did too.  Which is totally fine!  Gave us plenty of time to play together and enjoy time just the two of us.

2.  Swimming.  Another fantastic day of swimming in the pool.

3.  No mowing the lawn anymore!!!  What???!!!  Say Holla!!!!  Today the workmen came to trim all our trees and bushes.  So incredibly thankful!!!  They have been very overgrown, but we don't have the tools or the ability to do it ourselves.  The girls loved watching the men up in the trees chopping down limb after limb.  Jeremy talked to them about mowing the lawn this summer as our lawnmower has been repaired twice already and is now broken again for the third time in less than a month.  They will charge $25 a week to edge, mow and clean up.  Awesome!!!!!  We took the mower to Mower Medic again to get the carborator fixed.  When we know it is actually working, then we'll be selling it.  In the meantime, they start our lawn service this Monday and will come every Monday.  I am so very thankful to not have to mow this summer or to have to remind Jeremy to edge!!  He'll love that too!

4.  Gymnastics.  Riley is doing amazing.  Seriously amazing at gymnastics.  Love watching her excel and focus and smile as she is learning so much.

5.  Naps.  Took a short nap with Julia today and it felt so great!

6.  No school on Monday!  All day I have been finding myself getting stressed internally about being ready for school Monday.  Then finding myself saying "Ummm... no work Monday!"

7.  Laundry during the day!!!  I can actually do laundry DURING the day instead of after a work day.  It is awesome!!

8.  Perfect weather.  Our summer weather has started in the low 90s and it is perfect for doing just about anything!


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